Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Charlotte Mud Pie Eating Contest Official Results are In!

I thought it was going to be just another mountain bike race but as it turned out there was an added bonus side competition at this weekend's 2010 Charlotte Mountain Bike Winter Short Track Event. A Mud Pie Eating Contest!! After the race and apparently without coordination, the racers were encouraged to eat as many mud pies as they could in 45 minutes. The competition was dirty, wet and smelled a bit like methane gas. The trick was on the pie eaters because the judge decided after all of the pies were devoured that he was not going to count the amount of pies consumed by the contestant to rank the athletes, instead he would pick the winner and podium based on the aesthetic appearance and presentation of the participant's faces. Con-gratulations to all of the mud pie eating competitors for your strong efforts, you are all winners on my blog!

After taking a look at the smiling countenances of the field I have come to a judgment of the top three finishers in the Mud Pie Side Competition and Tuesday inane blog fill at the Traffic Stop.

The Podium:

3rd Place from Statesville NC, the home of the original Stem Posse eating for Team Shrek Bike Store is Bruce Stauffer. Don't look so sad Jamie. I know you ate more pies than Bruce did but you do not have as much mud on your face. Plus Bruce looks a little like a young Bobby Deniro.
2nd Place in the +40 category is Monroevian Eric Hagerty eating mud pies for Team Carolina Bicycle Company. If Eric had not had his protective mud splatter eye protection on he may have taken 1st. The cost of being a smart Owl is steep.
and the WINNER is....drum roll please!
1st Place goes to Zach Avant hailing from the thriving metropolis of Midland North Carolina out in southern Cabarrus County. Zach's mud pie eating skills are proudly sponsored by VeloGnar, home of all that is Velo & Gnarly.

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