Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Portrait

From left to right: Rock Star, Volka/Zoo, Maximus Grandus, Danger(aka Seal Blubber) and the matriarch Mary. The other night in front of the fire the 5 dogs posed together for the first time in a manner appropriate for a document. The strangest thing about this picture of them is that they are naturally laying in the order that they arrived at the house in over the last 10 years. Each one of them is a 'rescue' meaning that before they moved in here at Dooleyville they did not have a permanent safe place to be sheltered and fed. Mary was first almost 10 years ago from out of the woods near a parking lot. Then about 8 years ago Danger came who was in an abusive Bujahideen household where she was futilely being raised as a "guard' dog. Maximus arrived in 2003 and was in really bad physical condition as a result of being tied to a stake for the better part of his first year and a half of life on the planet. Mein Volk came in 2008 and was another victim of the Bujahideen, this time a Ballentoonian tribe from the highly acclaimed South Charlotte. Finally we have the Rock and Roll better than Great Dane who was left for dead in a ditch with a broken arm outside of Greenville South Carolina last year. I am happy to report that these sporting class domestic canines are healthy and doing well.


Unibiker said...

Thanks for being "That Guy" The world need more folks like you. Less of the "South Charlotte" By way of New Jersey types.

Toby Porter said...

Totally agree with Unibiker " Thanks for being that guy"

Billy Fehr said...

UB and Tony,
I am not sure what 'that guy' is but you are welcome...This post was never intended for my own gratitude.

Jeremy said...

Hey BIll ben following your blog for a bit, its good to see someone cares for animals like that.
Ive seen you a bit in when im in Charlotte for "the taste of Charlotte" festival, feel free to come by the Village Fudge booth we will hook it up.