Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dying v. Dieing

I made this picture of Wicki this past June on a ride out in Wilson's Creek right before she and I spotted Big Foot on up stream. Seriously, I'm dying when it comes to finding mistakes get out after religiously posting my blog Mon-Fri early in the hours before my real day starts. The most interesting thing happened this Thursday after I posted the story about the girl almost getting hit by a speeding car right in front of me. I left the house on bike and wound up 46 minutes later delivering my second mail drop to the client. It is convenient after dropping that tub to take a quick stand up peek at my email and post an early commentary by my dedicated audience. On this am there were two comments needing positing and the second one came from a friend that I know in person and have ridden with a long time. When I read his comment he mentioned his own experience almost dieing which made me realize that buried in my story I had spelled it dying. Crap, how did I do that? How could I have not known that the correct spelling of the verb for die is dieing?

I made a quick reference check at the old and dieing showed up as good for being dead but I only scanned the page, I did not look at every detail. I immediately went to my blog, made the correction of a word that I had already spelled correctly and went on with my day. As soon as I hit the street I sent EW a 'thank you' for the early morning edit hint of which he had no idea what I was talking about. Do you see where this is going? My out of control mind has me fixing things that were not broken all the while assuming that the edit help was intended...

Yesterday I noticed that my former ex wife posted a follow up to Mr. Pidggy's status and she described him dying at the rescue. Anxious to have her correct what did not need correcting I belled her up on the west coast and left a panicked message about changing Mr. Pidggy's status from dying to dieing. There cannot be enough incorrect corrections in this world I thought to myself. Becks got the word and by this morning when I woke I found her response:

'billy, i love you, but you MUST go to dictionary dot com and find out that dieing has multiple spellings, one of which is not dieing, nor is it dyeing, but, in fact, my love, is dying.wicki'

Awesome! Thanks Wicki for reaffirming my status as a blundering idiot and a thanks to E for pointing me in that direction. Honestly, I have let a bunch of mistakes get by my rigorous editing process. I have also made many corrections but this is the first time that I have ever corrected something that I had put out correctly in the first place. Life is Good.

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