Friday, January 22, 2010

Contributing Work from Joe Stuckey

Turkey walking the sidewalk in towards the Jar on Central Ave. Phone photo credit: JStuckey. Joe Stuckey, a patient and tolerant Traffic Stop reader, avid cyclist and all around great guy sent me a note last night describing a brief meeting and passing that he had with a large gobbler on Central earlier in the week. Joe has been seeing me on my Stay Alive for the last half decade or so which is how we met a few years back. Being aware of my penchant for unique interludes with large ground birds with limited flying capacity on the Stay Alive corridor, Joe forwarded me the image and a brief description of what he saw.

Joe stated that he was driving into work the other morning on Central when he approached something walking towards town on the left hand sidewalk in front of a familiar church that I pass often just before the Eastway intersection. This spot is roughly three miles from the big buildings of the Uptoon arena. Then he picks up the story, "What do I see? The biggest "gobbler" I've ever seen! I pulled a u-turn and headed back towards home and shot this with my phone."

Thanks a bunch Joe for sending in the picture of a turkey using Charlotte's modern pedestrian infrastructure like it was cool. The city appears to be diversifying its pedestrian plan to be able to accommodate the influx of large walking birds giving Charlotte the unprecedented claim that it is the second most Turkey 'friendly' city in this fine nation in which we dwell.

note: Apparently after yesterday's 5-4 vote on campaign financing in the United States Supreme Court where nine individuals are deciding the future for over 320million free citizens Washingtoon DC sealed its fate as the only city more Turkey friendly than Charlotte.


Ghostryder said...

LOL! Nice! Thanks 4 the shout out!

spokejunky said...

Sure it's turkey's now, but then it's emu's and then the intolerable ostrich. Pandermonimum.

RE Supreme Court. I'm buying stock in lobbying companies, diversifying my portfolio in the Caribbean and moving to Copenhagen.

Billy Fehr said...

SJ-Seriously good idea.

Anonymous said...

billy, i love you, but you MUST go to dictionary dot com and find out that dieing has multiple spellings, one of which is not dieing, nor is it dyeing, but, in fact, my love, is dying.


Billy Fehr said...

you are soooo right.