Monday, January 25, 2010

Charlotte Winter Short Track Series Race #2

More rain, more pain and a completely nasty drive train...hahahahahahahahhahahahaha. As an avid blogger I find it much easier to forgo all that is attached with actually participating in a local race and spend that time documenting it for people to see. My stance is sort of like spectating with a twist. The twist is that through my eyes, physical body placement and thoughts I can convey to whoever has the time to look at what was happening with humans, mud and spirit. The entire 80 frame set can be seen by clicking here. I highly recommend watching the set as a slide show which is actuated by a button on top of the set, you will see it. Have them roll at 6 or 7 second interval, kick back with some Sigur Ros(Sugar Rose from Iceland) on the Pandora dot come and check out the transfer. Here are a few highlights from yesterday's local Mountain Mud Bike Event:

Zoo, Mein Volk needs a T-shirt that reads: SAVE YOUR BREATH, I KNOW I AM A BEAUTIFUL DOG!!
Bart in fine form.
Stephen Dyckes out having a ball in the wet woods!
Eric Hagerty on his new bike, more about this guy to follow on the morrow.
Stephen and his daughter Isabelle right before the start of her race. Way to go dad and daughter, pretty damn brilliant!!
The Single Speed category had a chance to play bike Ring around the Rosy led by Ross Dowswell right before their start.
Lap 1 SS-James Shelton in the lead with Zach in chase...
Lap 1 Pro Women-1 & 2
Ross looking good on lap 2.
Here comes Dicky on the Rocks.

Layla B. with text book line.
JS very fast on that SS.
With Zach right behind him.
Over the river and through the woods,
to the finish line we go...
Look at the smile on this guy's face, he just realized that his front brake pads are completely destroyed.
Front tire off the ground.

LB on her final lap. I like how the tree jumps out visually in this image.
Super Sport Women's winner, I could not find her name but she was riding nice wheels.
Zach still on chase.
Ross looking like a Mud Ewok.
157 riding through the turn with rear brake only.
Team Hoffen rider giving his all in the last turn on the course, oh wait...
What I saw when I looked down.
Post race.
Dicky says, "I need a Nomad Sponsor."
Philicia Marion loves her Nomad Portable shower system.


spokejunky said...

Great pics. Boom boom would be proud.

Sigur Ros (si-ur rose) the I is like 'hit'. Handy little pronunciation guide.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

holy moley! look at all that wonderful mud!

wv: foben

Tracy said...

Okay, I will save my breath and not say "that is a beautiful dog" - oops, guess I did. Almost as beautiful as mine! lol. Got a cinnamon female husky and a male husky/wolf mix. Don't you just love the nature of these dogs!

Billy Fehr said...

SPOKE-Thanks for noticing and conveying your approval of my photo doc. As well thank you for the clarification on the Sigor Ros...
GJR-It was indeed a wonderful sight of loam and clay butter in spots 4-6" deep!
Tracy-Zoo Zoo says, "Thanks, I get that all the time!" Yes, her nature is amazing. The most natural Canine that I have ever met even to Mary. She talks only mostly after dark...