Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Evening Special Dog Post

Meet ZIP, the Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix whom presently lives with a brilliant foster care giver in Asheville North Carolina.(I just realized, photog unidentified but purely talented)
Sorry I missed all y'all this morning but priorities involving the three toddler aged German Shepherds' return to the Humane Society of Charlotte took precedence. You know how I roll, sometimes I may miss day or whatever but you can always come back and see if anything worth a look see is here. By next week which is only a few days away I will be posting some scary real excitement that took place this week up in the Jar, plus I should have a good pictorial and words documenting tomorrows yet to be water born paddling adventure with Mein Shatz and perhaps one of the permanent bluders.

Until then please take a minute and read the note that Zip, the emailing capable dog with worse grammar skill than yours truly sent me yesterday in her typed attempt to find a permanent family willing to befriend her as soon as possible. If you know someone who may want to help because you cannot, please feel free to forward my link. Direct questions my way and I will help you coordinate with the folks that you should be coordinating with. Thanks and remember, they do not need much but they do need you...

My name is Zip (cause I'm speedy fast) I am a 9 month old, female, Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix who is looking for a home to call my own. My first peoples didn't love me enough to keep me, so I moved in with my foster mom and all my foster brothers and sister. I LOVE to play, but when i'm tired I just want a nice warm lap to call my own. I love chewing on bones and stuffy toys, but not much else and I love to play outside! But I will need a yard with a fence, cause sometimes I get distracted and don't listen to foster mommy but I'm working really hard on that. Will you be my perfect family?

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jeff said...

Good luck Zip! You look like a great dog.