Sunday, July 27, 2008

24 Hours of Booty Photo Album

Here are some of the pictures that I made at this weekend's 24 hours of Booty charity ride for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. click any for full size image to fit screen....
team mojo

Senor Gibbons

the friendliest shop in town living up to its name
a total of 3 humans on one bike
Corey pointing out the action
hell yea one gear
contrast of physical transfer emotion
Diego es mas forte of course as andreas just pointed out I actually meant fuerte not forte, I do not think the sentence agrees either but the statement does`
Andreas helping

SWEC(Scootering While Eating Cookie)not illegal in NC
6 year old, the youngest I saw out there on his own power

Judy, the dog that made eye contact with me


Hi Mel!
Helping the Mojo
Boots-check it- you should get a safety 1st for your kid on the way!
Andreas und Hannable Die Guten

that chain looks a little droopy

1st and 2nd place women's fixy class

check out these 36 inch wheel unicyclists, team crushed nuez!

Toe Mas Cook

Bilaggen Silat~!
8 years old

This is my new bike hero for the summer
Solidarity to the 2 wheel power-returning from the grocery.....


Anonymous said...

The last photo quote is freakin' funny...the photos are awesome!

Doug said...

Thanks for the awesome photos! This was one great ride.

I'm assuming "crushed nuez" would be our point of contact with the seat:-)

Doug (one of the 3 riders from HOTlanta)

Billy said...

thanks pip,
that lady at the bottom is really my hero(some heroic or heroineness went down right before i took the images), if you see her please tell her to look at my bloggy and check herself out.
as for awesome so was your 275mi or yet better looking 442.57km on the direct drive machine. i can relate to the transfer you received with such an effort, so do not think your strength has gone unnoticed as well as your capacity to tolerate pain and redundant information coming through your visual cortex-great work indeed!

Billy said...

Doug you are welcome, another will go up tomorrow, i have one more of you guys`
as for nuez, you are dead on.

Drew said...

thanks for the booty pics bill, i was sad to have missed it this year... sticking around the mountains for support of the fontana dam jam and the oramm were worth it

Billy said...

no problem drew,
i was there for a slightly different project but with all the faces it was impossible not to share....