Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Endurance Magazine

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This Month's regional Endurance Magazine has printed a full page photograph with credit that I took a few months ago while I was working on an unrelated story. When none of my images were used for the March edition I felt sort of not exactly let down but curious as to what could have been wrong with the work that I did. Emotions change and shortly after seeing the story in print I realized nothing was really wrong with my pictures they were just not in line with the layout and theme of the article. At any rate this month's Martin 'Zimmy' Zimmerman article was in need of some photo balance which became complete when they used my image above. It is strange to see my picture big and know that other people in the area will be seeing it but not getting the same strange feeling.

There are 2 bicycles in the image, can you find them?
If so let me know, the first to reply correctly will get a grand prize of a longish black Salsa Stem. Those of you who I have already shown are disqualified from this blog run contest.


Jordy said...

the reflection in the door! betwixt the spokes. it looks like a mountain bike frame. am i disqualified for any reason? its like that scene in three men and a baby when you can see a cardboard cutout of tom selleck, magnum pi, whatever. its in the door, betwixt the spokes!

Arleigh said...

reflection in the door

Anonymous said...

there is a reflection of bicycle with rider in the window pane of the door on the right above the word in.
it's good to see your perspective in print!

ExtrmTao said...

The first one is obvious. I think the second one is in the reflection on the doors inbetween the spokes of the bike in the foreground.

You can give my stem to TEAMDICKY, he is headed my direction this weekend 8-)

whoisthis-joey said...

The larger blue frame locked to the pole in the fore-ground as well as the reflection in the door of the building of a cyclist moving to the left behind the photographer.

-Joey Emanuel

Billy said...

Thanks to You all and the Ones who e-mailed in their responses for participating!!

The Winner is none of you here on the comment line!

I was e-mailed first even before Jordy by Tabitha Combs from some far away romantic place in the world. Being very short in stature not spirit Tab has donated her gift of a longish black Salsa Stem to second place which appears to be officially/unofficially Jordy Moore. After further review of any possible disqualifying attributes he may or may not have I will then issue his prize.

Stay tuned for future bike part contests and once again thank you for sending in your answers~