Sunday, July 6, 2008

Header Image + Honorable Mention

from left to right: dicky, eric vandriver, clint & me notice both eric vandriver's and dicky's fingers are on the levers prepared to use them when the photographer goes down for he had not any hands on the cockpit....
these are the 2 group shots that i made sunday after the cowbell on a half day pass to uwharrie out east of town. other than the lavomittous feeling that plagued me during the first 3/4ths of the ride i had a good time. good time even though on top of the lavomittous feeling i was dealing with a failed rear brake as well. lever was not pulling enough(my tiny little 2 or 2.5mm allen was home in the barn) and something like air in the line or cooked hydraulic fluid near the caliper was making for no rear control. either way i was able to bleed out the problem and make the appropriate lever adjustment after the ride.

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