Friday, July 25, 2008

Grunt Foster

The day before the 4th of July and all that is red, white and boom we were called upon to help with a just found special needs puppy for a 2 week foster. This one's special need was based on some sort of huge sensory over load from the very small perspective of a roughly 6 week old little puppy that had been recovered from under a bush near a heavily travelled busy road. Grunt was a very skittish and scared little fellow when I first met him, in the car on the way home he was so struck with fjear(no copy right or write infraction there little buddy) that he completely locked out petrified. He immediately however started packing well with the other 3 who run the place, all seems a quick relatively easy fix. Danger took him under her paw and taught him quite well about domesticated pack life. His house training has gone faster than expected as well as his manners at feeding time. Our liaison at the Humane Society asked last week that we extend this one's Foster for another which brings us to him headed back on the morrow, off to a sure adoption and hopefully a fun and real connection with the humans who take him home. Here, take this one he really likes people.

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