Saturday, July 12, 2008

Synchronicity in breakage

the top water bottle cage mount and the lower
Josh's rear drive side stay coming apart at the lug on his 2 month old Trek Madone
Friday morning on my first scheduled run I locked up and pulled the water bottle out of my Lemond Filmore. When I did I noticed that the bottle was sitting off cant a bit, so when I came back out I replaced the bottle and bent the cage back straight. Not far down the road I looked down and saw the bottle leaning to the right again, my first thought was the cage cannot be broken because it is an industrial cage fabricated with East German military grade aluminum. I pulled over to give a cursory examination of the issue instantly discovering the cage was not broken but the frame down tube had 2 tears in it around the water bottle cage mounts. When the bottle was tilting to the right it was because the frame was opening up a bit. Oh well a new frame will be on the way soon enough but first I will have to get out to the friendliest shop in town to get the warranty process going.
After my work was done and I had finished the latest book I had found in the library on Monday which I will have to be talking about here later I headed out for the shop on Selwyn. Flying down 3rd on the theoretically broken Lemond, under the bridge that is the 277 Beltway, safe through the red light, car entering late from the right well behind me starts leaning on the horn from behind. Shit, I thought, how could she be mad I was well ahead through the intersection. More horn blowing and now the car was coming across 2 lanes directly towards me in the gutter slowing down enough not to go past me. I looked over neutral in reaction however ready to react and to my surprise I was looking at Deb Peterson, the late Good Spirit's sister(for those of you who have never read my first blog post please click the link and pass along after you have digested what really happens in the judiciary system). Awesome, of course I would be seeing her in this place and time where I would not have been unless my bike broke. She pulled me over into the parking lot of the State Credit Union and gave me a humongous hug talking about how she saw me go through that light and knew it was me, my force, "Bill Fehr lord I have missed you." "How are you, where are you going on that little bike?" I told her that I was well, not so bad and that I was headed to the bike shop out on Selwyn. The first thing she said without knowing but knowing because her light is a strong shine was, "What, you getting a new bike?" I smiled and felt like my heart rate was picking up. The next thing I knew I was telling her that through the now that the signs of truth are still coming. I explained to her about the assignation of Catholic Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho in Mosul Iraq which I had just read about in the New York Times last week. She listened to what I learned. Mosul Iraq is actually the Biblical city of Nineveh. Nineveh is where in the book of Jonah God had commanded him to go and tell the people to trust in God, that they could believe in him because he judges all people equally. Jonah had denied God's request basically because he was scared so he bought a ticket on the first boat out of town but soon the seas picked up tossing the boat about. The people on the boat figured out that Jonah had denied God which was disrupting the natural balance of the sea so they tossed him overboard to appease God and calm the ocean saving themselves and their ship. Jonah was then swallowed by a great fish or whale and then was thrown up on the shore three days later, where he wound up was close to Nineveh so he followed God's request not able to deny the synchronicity and infinite power of the cosmos which had him where he was supposed to be.
Deb stood there with a calm smile because she knew where I was going with that instant in the now. The Good Spirit's last piece of art was his interpretation of the fish that swallowed Jonah. I had seen it on his cart 2 days before he died but I had no idea what it was until 45 days after he was killed when I met Deb and told her about the last time I had seen him alive. She was the one who told me that he had been finishing the piece and that it was connected to the book of Jonah in the bible which up until that day I had never read. As we stood there the message was tacit. The Persian Gulf Bible War is happening in cities with modern names but they are all connected to the start of what ever this whole thing has become. Biblical proportions. Even though I do not attempt to respond with the standard, 'well war has been going on forever so we just have to live with it.' IT HAS NOT BEEN GOING ON FOREVER EXACTLY LIKE THIS-DO NOT BE CONFUSED, at the same time don't worry most people do not really see it that way, as most Americans fall in to a few categories when it comes down to understanding what is happening to our entire world right now, not the past. First set under the RM(trademark) philosophy is those who just choose with some sort of mental switch not to think about it, it's easy because life is good and there is plenty of non nutritious food to eat even though it is a little expensive. The second half of America(roughly 50% of US citizens are on anti depressants) uses their daily dose of prescription meds to lock their synapses in to a state of life is good making it easier to tolerate the thoughts that can come in to one's mind when they realize that their taxes are headed straight to Nineveh so that true people can be destroyed over the black liquid resources they are living on. The third demographic is basically where I fit in. I see it, I learn about it, I meditate on it, I understand it and what it really is, I do not kid myself in to thinking life is good nor am I using meds to provide that same end result. I am scared of it and not afraid of it at the same time, I hate it, it is real and it can only lead to what is bad and when the water comes I will stare at it and not be surprised.

Deb smiled and softly told me to breathe. So, I did. I felt like crying but I had not the energy. Without saying a word she told me that she knew that we were going to be okay and that it was real. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for being under the bridge and blowing through the light so that we could run in to each other. I told her that we should get together soon and she agreed.
I took off for the Shop and when I got there a little later than I had planned not planned I was greeted by the friendliest staff in town. I asked Brian if he would look at something and then I put my bike up in has stand. Oh, yea warranty can get started now. I started taking pictures of the tears in the tube while Brian started the computer warranty process. Just then another customer named Josh(not the Wonder boy) came in and Diego put his bike up in the same stand as mine was in 2 feet away and parallel. Josh had told Diego that he had just brought in his new Madone for a tune up and on his first ride out the bike was acting loose on the right. Diego started messing with his non-drive side pedal while I was seeing another broken Trek Product on the movie screen in my mind. Click, Senor, excuse me Senor...Your bike is broken Senor. Broke it was. With a laugh I rounded the stand and started taking pictures of Josh's bike so that his warranty could be started just then as well. Josh thanked me for being there to take the pictures and all I could think was it is synchronicity that needs thanking but whatever, you are welcome.

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