Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Haze is in the Hizzle(gangsta for house)

after the 3 hour nc to sc to nc road ride transfer on friday the 4th of july in celebration of the anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence which gives us all of our infinite freedoms here in the great ole USA i came home to an empty house. the windows were wide open in the mid afternoon heat and ozone code level orange condition which i was already feeling just by breathing in on the tarmac for the previous 3 hours. when i unlocked the door and walked in from the porch i saw it right there in the kitchen, quietly present like an apparition with an undulating body in it's see through form, like a cloud or fog i have seen high on big mountains, it was tangible with the eyes and brain. molecular O3 had entered my home through all the open windows and was waiting to great me with all of it's boldness. the body was moving a bit, the tail wrapped around through the doorway and down the hall into the rooms. holy shit i thought, the carbon is in my house. the dogs looked sad as they greeted me, the compression of the carbon nasty working on their spirits as well. i rubbed my eyes to make sure that they were not coated with that white snotty film that sometimes comes up after a hot ride. it was not my eyes playing tricks, it was real. i have been used to seeing it in all of it's obviousness. sometimes the buildings from less than 2 blocks will be distorted by the grey silver. the perception is more clear from up high in the big buildings looking out towards the horizon and you will see it's science apparent. you don't have to look but if you do you best not unlearn what you are seeing because if you do you may as well admit the lie like the rest who practice unlearning as a recreation. from one of my client's windows at the top of the hearst tower at around 500ft off the deck the horizon has been so distorted over the past few weeks that sometimes it can not even be visualized for the ozone filter is so thick that it is blocked out completely. grey, silver, brown, the colors of the carbon rainbow from hell is now the ghost like friend welcoming me home after a long ride. charlotte is great, there is so much to see and do.

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