Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shop Minutes

from left to right: Matt's back, Doug and Mike Perry running Ultimate/Mathews On a paved section of the Greenway
and the gravel......
Yesterday after work I rode home in the huge ground level O3 that had enough appearance that it could be seen from just a few feet away. After tending to the dogs and putting my mountain bike's head set in a little bag, I headed out immediately south for the northern edge of the McAlpine Creek Greenway. The traverse of the Greenway to the spur trail just before Monroe Rd that leads up to Sardis North was basically uneventful, just hot and smothering from the amount of ground level taking up the space that should have air. At the shop I rebuilt my RF head set that I had destroyed the lower bearing race of the week before. My mountain frame is out of my possession right now, I turned it over to a blacksmith who is preparing his first ever creation. Hopefully I will have that frame back soon so that I can get my only mountain bike put back together. After my head set was back in working order I purchased 10 tubes, a bottle of Pro Link and a bottle of Bontrager's green tubeless juice. Out the door and headed back for the Greenway which is three quarters of my ride to and fro the shop. It is paved in spots but mainly dirt and gravel surface. There are a few bridges and plenty of trees that give you the impression you are somewhere far away, not stuck in the million car jar.

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