Thursday, July 10, 2008

4.10 and 9/10ths

on the commute yesterday i stopped and made this picture of the highest gas price i had yet seen posted. the gas station is on central at morningside and it sits sort of on a hill. while this was happening here in the jar on the other side of the world iran(ee-rahn) was testing mid and long range missiles, at least one as reported by NPR was shot over the strait of hormuz. i learned from my experience in the dress rehearsal for the shit stain we call now that roughly 50% of the the world's oil goes through the strait for delivery every day.


KingJimmy said...

Interestingly enough, several years ago, back when gas was under $2 per/gal, I heard a preacher predict that it would not be long before his listeners would be forced to ride to work on their bikes.

Wicki said...

well, heck yes, jack those prices if you will. $5, $7, the higher the better. get all us addicted amerikans to face up through the fear veil