Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Esoteric Agenda

Swayze was right, the Porsche Parade being hosted at the Westin in the Downtown Jar is really kewl and has a positive affect on the lives of most world wide but especially here in America, the land of the free to have their souls filled with material instead of their own awareness. Sticking true to unrealistic form Charlotte NC once again has out done itself on welcoming those more or less more fortunate than most others in the nation and the world. This club pay to be cool is allowing those with enough credentials to test drive one of the several dozen that I saw sporty auto vipers during daylight hours out of the Westin Hotel where they are paying an average bike couriers weekly salary before taxes per night to stay in their little luxury room box with no open windows. I watched the valets sweat from running but stay cool with the extra care they maintained their job with for Hendrick was watching. I watched little kids stare at these mundane vehicles with looks of joy on their faces as if they had just received a message of spirituality from the Rinpoche's enlightenment. I saw grown men and women act as if their car was the only thing they really had while they were on vacation. I heard the gas get pegged at 4.06 and 9/10ths as they drove away free to be human down College Street, big smiles, good times. I was once again witnessing the now and somehow the over use relieved me for a spell because it allows me to share it with you.

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Wicki said...

I duh no Billy, those porsches are so pretty machines, yes they are