Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Being a Bike Messenger is So easy

that a gorilla can do it. it is picking up and delivering on work that you do which is what you create, staying upright in traffic, communicating what is happening with the job or blowing up balloons and twisting them into shapes that people see as familiar for a laugh. it is all paying attention is it not? my favorite thing is in the rain, not when it is 29F degrees and raining but like the rain in the warmth of the summer. if you are on a direct drive bicycle, fixy more or less you can look down in the rain and see yourself directly under the bike in reflection on the black wet glossy asphalt. it is strange looking, the spinning cranks constantly first in the picture with wet pavement as the moving screen the movie reflection film plays on. it is a hypnotizing scene, curious science when you see your own power transfer in to forward direction on the skinny little tires aided by the mechanics of something so clean appearing as the nickel plated chain powered drive. again this view is upside down but comes to you right side up from where you sit rolling, it is backwards looking momentum converted to the forward by the visual senses and the rain pelting your face....i have to stop looking at it sometimes even though it is so close for i cannot see where i'm going when i'm looking down at the reflection of what is getting me there.


KingJimmy said...

Bill, it was a 100 degrees today and you talk about the rain?!?! Were you seeing a mirage or something?

Billy said...
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Billy said...

nah jimmy, just reflecting(get it?)on a formula or perhaps an equation that i have been working on whenever it does rain the view is apparent and imprinted on my brain as if i where seeing it. so, not the rain that is not happeneing now but the last rain we have had and every rain before that one which caught me while on my bike...by the way, surface street temp was closer to 117F today than 100F.