Friday, August 8, 2008

Bucket Quote of the Week

three guys, two blue tooth tumors drilled in to their left skulls and blinking in the day are very stressed right out of the building and onto the street in front of me. awkward shuffle around the bike guy who already had his line and was not confused or stressed. man on right moves, grabs man in middle by the arm and with wide eyes says, "YOU GOT THE CAPITAL RESPONSE ON THE MODEL, RIGHT?" then with the tumor blinking blue he turns to me in disgust and realizes he just took my line because he was negotiating his priorities in a language i did not understand. a smile from the bike guy keeps the disgusted look just above the knot in the tie all the way to the cab.


Jordy said...

this is by far the top of your reporting game, billy. that may be the funniest photo ive ever seen of full contact sitting/thinking. holy shit.

James said...

Ha, that's great. I think I saw you uptown today on a white bike, right? I'm usually biking around uptown on Friday mornings. Love you blog, by the way, keep it up.

Billy said...

thanks jordy and james(who ever the hell you are), uuuhmmm the bike is not white but maybe because i ride so stunningly fast you are seeing the molecular bending of the color particles which is changing the tone towards the white end of the spectrum from the other side of what it actually is.
jordy, great writings of the real experience you are having in your obx inside a white plastic circle sticker designed to mimic the euro national ID system which prolly does not exist anymore maternal transfer. i laughed hard bro, that one should be printed on this sunday's boston globe front page special out of state editorial commentary by the works of Yourdin Moore.