Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SSWC08-Slide Show/Smart Ass Commentary

Day 1-shortly after sunrise

Leaving The Jar from Concourse C I have the realization that even though I am sitting on a plane which is technically part of the problem, I am actually observing out of the window. The haze is so thick that I feel I should point out that if you look at the horizon at like the 1 O'clock you can hardly make out the outlines of the Jar Central which is only like 12 miles away and should be more discernible.

Click any of these for big
For a closer look.
Then I accelerated upwards for roughly 15,000ft through the same haze, feeling the push of the motors as just one view of one person at this exact time on this day of this month and year. The actual line somewhere around 16,000ft of the haze brown line ending and perhaps clear air separation was completely perceivable. It is coppery and bizarre looking and quite honestly as guilty as I was for being on board and viewing it, I had the distinct awareness that I had never seen it exactly like it was for it has never been so much, in the now. Next year it will be more as each day goes by whether or not I get a free plane ticket.

Just as we descended into Chicago altho I should have I could barely see it.

My first and only self portrait of the journey a few seconds later.

Chicago to Sacramento

Once there we found Grant and Thad quite easily, I think we even walked right by them once with me asking Rich, "Is that them?" While they went to pick up the affordable and efficient stretch Hummer we were promised Rich stopped moving and made this face a bunch. He may only truly be happy while moving, either on his bike or feet or at least at high rates of speed in the general direction towards getting somewhere to be on his bike bike.

This is the only Dam picture I took.

Bill Nye on the Yuba River, what the? Once again showing of his relationship skilz with the land he loves.

After measuring the depth of the crystal clear water from his higher than it appears perch with some sort of spitting from above collegiate approved technique, he determined that there was plenty of safety in the self decelerating feet to the front form. Homey is in the hood, just like when Hans Rey and Greg Herbold got out of the car in the high desert except this is the thriving metropolis of Downieville, population 326 of which only around 200 may actually live there all year round.
My river side camp. I took this image shortly after my sunrise swim on the Yuba when I made contact with some trouts who looked at me as I looked at them without goggles or mask. The water was very clean.
The Sierra Buttes
The shirtless club for men president and his cabinet have moved to the Basin Lake Recreation area. What a better place to have a meeting.
Portrait of the Mother Ship in pastoral setting. The maiden voyage of this fine machine could not have happened in a more epic theater.
Sub Alpine lake, clean water.
Hop, Hop, Hop, Hop, Hop, Hop Bill Nye! That is German for Go, Go, Go Go, Go, Go Bill Nye
Now out of the trees, the landscape speaks for itself
The Map came out a lot this day, I got to see the Dicky Map dance a few times. It was always accompanied by some wind for the acoustics and cheers in agreement from the peloton.
Sweet Sherpa Joyko Style Bike Portage in the upwards direction by Grant.
This was headed towards the Dicky Map Break Dance but he could not find any cardboard to spin on.
Dicky and The Strong Fast Marsupial took the Summit of Elwell First(7,860ft) and As I made/traversed my way around the peak with bikes a hundred feet below this is the rock/landscape face I saw.
Angle up
Pan left
Eyes Closed, yet wide open.
Team meeting on the top.
After the summit we descended around about 1,800 feet in less than 3 nautical miles. The forest was back from the rock garden reaches where we came but appeared different than the other side of the mountain.
Moss was growing on the south side of the trees, not the normal north.

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