Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Did You See me Fall Over?

Dan may have.....I know those 2 ladies that I avoided yet landed on the ground at their feet did and everyone else seemed to stare as well, say hundreds in the middle of the lunch rush at Tryon and 5th who heard the loud concussion of bike, mesomorph and 4.7lb fahgettaboutit lock hitting the unforgiving sidewalk. I had just left the Hearst Tower and was getting to the BOA Corporate Center safely against traffic up on to the curb 2 women standing together with their backs to me for whatever reason took 2 steps backwards in to the path I was traveling. Turn hard left to avoid contact, harder, flop and slam over, bike to the left, body straight under and lock a few feet ahead. My knee is bleeding, I felt it immediately as I stared at the shoes of the women who now turned around in disbelief to find the messenger on his stomach at their feet. There was confusion as I pulled myself up, they thought they were responsible for my goof even though it was my own place that had me on the ground. I reassured them that this was completely my problem and they had done nothing wrong. It was amazing to draw such humorous attention, thanks to my own miscalculation and lack of coordination I had people looking at the hook. Hilarious inside, politely gimping away.....In this entire time I can only remember hitting a pedestrian once, he was drunk so I never counted it as my fault. The first rule of making a career out of this useless game is to NEVER hit a pedestrian, even if it means crashing into the ground or something harder than a human.
Sherman Branch Monday Night Post Work Trail Ride Report:
1 lap-54mins, the fasted timed ride through that I have ever done. The place is very familiar to me now. When I ride it alone I know when to fly, when to rest, drink, turn and start flying again. It was warm but the AQI even though still measurable was lower than it had been in a few days. Amazing that 5p at 91F degrees feels like 72F after being out in the past 7 week nasty. Human acclimatization apparent.


Boots said...

i remember the time you fell when i cut you off and you grabbed a handfull of front brake and flipped over the bars! it was right on the corner of college and something, close to the Aquatics Center!! Remember??? I freaked out cuz i thought i had hurt you real bad!!!

Billy said...

i remember too, that was the day the brake went off the bike for ever....and it was not your fault, you just turned in fornt of me, i have to react from the back yo!

Anonymous said...

Boots! Your a friggin moron! It happened on alexander, in front of the first baptist institute for boring the hell outta people. By the way, how is it possible to brainwash millions with only an hour a week to work(not including the occasional wednesday night gut-bust and bingo fellowship). Whatever it is we better not let those commies get ahold of it or we'll be drinkin' stoli from a tin cup. Anyway, i was behind both you fucktards(where any sane rider would be considering y'alls combined skillzzz level) when it appeared that bills bike bucked him over the bars for no apparent reason. It was a remarkebly graceless manuever, as only bill could achieve. You suck boots.
p.s. mediate my comments and i'm gonna kick you in the nutz.

slim rookie