Tuesday, August 5, 2008

QC Air Quality Report-Code Orange-360 degrees

North-click these big for further examination East
West(it is dawn today) and as NPR just reported while I sit here and look at some images that I made from up high in a big building yesterday Charlotte is expected to be around a 100F degrees today with yet another code orange air pollution notice(this means if you are breathing you will feel the affects of the O3-if you are not have no worry). These images are interesting support of the the color code system and that is just the beginning. O3 is apparent in all directions, the carbon filter laying across the landscape which is what was in the Hizzle when my widows were open last month. Now the view is from up high, the bigger scale. The horizon cannot be made out because of the pollution that we are running around breathing in all day. It amazes me to consider that this blanket continues in all directions from city to city, state to state and over the entire world where there is land. I honestly feel like the magical instant that is before us right now is different than what it was let's say last year or the year before that and then a decade past and another few more. Tomorrow it will be more than it was today and so on. So the blanket thickens with each day, the heat gets turned up a bit with the more. Without getting up off the ground or opening our eyes from where we sit we sometimes forget to recognize what is staring at us. I have a toast, " To the Sore Throats that the working class get from constant interface with the exhaust of a fine nation!, Here's to that!"-Cheers and God Bless America!