Thursday, August 14, 2008

General Maintenance Work Wheel

The night before last I took apart the rear Dura Ace hub on my work bike because the day before on the stay alive home I noticed something like lateral lub dub. When I would grab the bike and the wheel would hit the ground there was a looseness of a few mil on each side. On the inside there was no grease left, just black grit and hopelessly dry bearings. So sitting on a stool in the barn I set out the axle, bearings and cone/jam that I had just undone. Next was to clean all spotless and inspect for damage. A couple of the bearings had some slight abnormalities that I ignored for I could not find any new of the right size in my stash. Note to self: Next time you are at the shop pick up some new rear hub bearings. New grease in the races, bearings placed in and appear to be sitting in butter. Axel through, threaded cone race next then the jam nut. Tighten finger tight then apply the 14mm and 15mm cone wrenches, twist with the feel of the right amount of pressure. First not tight enough, slightly loose axle, then perfect free rolling with out compromise.....

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