Monday, August 11, 2008

Uwharrie Death/ORV Trail Saturday

post Dutch John wreck, you can see the swelled cheek area in the shadow
Lives up to it's name. Saturday morning Ballsberry and I headed out east of town to what is left of the oldest mountains in the world which were formed roughly 450 million years ago. When we got to the dirt lot at the base of Daniel I discovered somehow although I had the map I had forgotten my back up 2 tubes on the barn bench, "Scott, how many tubes you carrying?", "None, you?". This is already sounding like a great idea but at least we have the map and maybe with a little luck thanks to our tubeless systems we will not wind up hours from the car for a hike with our bikes. We pushed up the steep of Daniel and ran in to 2 ATV'ers sitting quietly on their machines in the final right switchback who wanted to know if we had been there before because we may have picked the wrong trail. Ha, I thought you witty smelly fellow, of course I have been here before that is why I am here now and bringing my friend who enjoys powering himself around on advanced terrain as well. Don't you see the map in my pocket? Look closely because 3.5 hours from now just before descending Daniel back to the car I will loose the map. The ride was fun, we made our way around out to Slab Pile and Saw Mill. After those 2 we doubled back to ride Dutch John out and back style where Ballsberry Crashed better yet planted his face on the outside wall of the descent. Dutch John is a crazy steep chute that is like being in a little canyon with turns and a long run out. The pics and video are misleading as to the actual steepness. Watch this video closely and you can see his head hit the shoe box sized knuckle of rock sticking out of the wall. Be advised, I did ask his permission before posting this. When we made it to Kodak rock the middle of the descent line was being taken up by an off camber Jeep cabled to a nearby tree with a right rear tire off the bead. Seeing that we would not be able to ride the main line with all the vehicle in the way we decided to wait a bit and see if they could clear the trail. No go, not for the 20 minutes we watched them fill the tire with ether multiple times until they ran out of the flammable gas, light it with a lighter and boom but no bead seating. Tons of flames, on the very first try the tire caught on fire and they tried to put it out by waving a towel at it because there was no water close by. The second try one of these guys lit the ether filled tire, nothing, he leaned in for closer inspection then boom, flames, laughs and burned head hair.....They did this try after try and I was so mesmerized by the collective that I could not even bust out the camera to document. Amazing. So we left and continued around the Mountain trail and somehow neither one of us ever flatted. It was a good day with some laughs and some curious red necks trying to figure out if Ballseberry and I were lost and on the wrong trail.
woodsy section

the bottom of Dutch John

Ballsberry in it

Trail turning to Desert
Fellas, you guys know where you are at?
How about this one that flipped over just as it passed Ballsberry up the Mountain.
Move over big guy, this trail is wide enough for the both of us.....
Those ORV's Look so small from the cockpit of my bike
Wow, my face just hit a rock.

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