Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SSWC08-Day 2 and 3 Condensed

with words and pictures yet again. Java Hut parking lot in Fairfax California, the rally started before 10 and took off soon there after for some mountain biking. What fun indeed all of these bikes are single speeds, except for those who rode with gears. We rolled out through the small town when the houses became a bit more spread out the climb that turned dirt to gravel began. Turn left now the single track portion of the climb started and when it topped out the views looked like this.
Cpt Jason Morgan and Chris all the way from Asheville North Carolina checking out the golden bald nodule from the picture above.
Smiles are easy to come by when Jacquie P is around.....
The Excitement on Team Dicky's face says it all, that's right folks Alice B. Toeclips is writing the final contract for her sponsorship of TD's 09 season. Under this new deal Phelan will pay for Rich's entire next season budget and in trade Rich will not only have to do his best but he will have to learn to play the Banjo and jam on the podium to his own original Banjo tunes....
Retrotec bike in front belongs to the big man Olle(pronounced Oh-Lay)from Scandahoovia The rest of the bikes look good too.
Little Lunch after the mtn ride. Bo(pronounced Boo) from Scandahoovia is standing above Olle in the white, in case you were wondering who remembered your efforts.
I knew that Chris had heard it before but it was easy to make him look like Tom Hanks whom I thought he may have been the younger brother of. As for which Tom Hanks I'm not sure that the role has yet been played.
This reminds me of Dojo, like Mojo but instead of Good Luck the Dojo wards off evil spirits, that is if you believe in the mountains...
Curt Inglis, the man we have to thank for putting together such a good few days of networking and negotiating our priorities. His team attitude, no nonsense work ethic and can do attitude provided us with a positive response on the capital model. Thanks to the quick thinking of such a mover and a shaker the bottom line was fun and we all profited well. Thanks again Curt, hell of a time indeed!
Your first Banjo lesson is now Rich, start with three cords and the truth. Two days later and in different wool dress Ms Phelan played to an audience of 2 over the Verizon network all the way back to The Jar. Funny thing is that 1 of those listening knew exactly who it was.
"Hey Guy who busted my balls about blogging gear selection advice on your Blog, where the hell are your 2 Yazoo sponsors?"
These 2 faces look Familiar? That is because you saw them in Scandhoovia. I cannot remember either of their names but I do remember talking to these 2 who came from Stockholm, a long way to come for such a great ride....
You free country living in bastard.
Don't be sad little buddy, your 2 Yazoo sponsors will surely roll up soon.

Olle is digging the Climate, it reminds him of his Swedish homeland, the land that we all love an wish to defect to.
"Hey Grant, do you think anyone notices that our sweaters Match?"
So what is Slohio Rob showing these guys you ask?
Only the most photographed and disgusting Hematoma that I have ever seen. Daammmn man, I hope you are okay and all of your organs are still functioning like they should be.
a final look at what must hurt on a few levels.
Morgan right, Chris Left and I'm not sure who is in the middle but I thought I heard them talking about homemade whiskey from the NC mountains, something about the backings are good over oatmeal in the morning.
Color and color on top of color.
Yellow helmet bastard who who let a gap go between the lead riders and us leaving a splinter group including me to be lost for awhile. Were you really riding gears to top it off, yellow helmet?
Play Find Dicky, kinda like find Waldo, that is who I cannibalized it from. First one to respond on my comment line ID'ing where he is at gets a pair of Mavic 819-26" tubeless Rims without spokes in Good Condition and True. I will even throw in a random extra bike part from out of the needs new shoes.

find him on this one as well, it is way easier.
Strength in many hold up suicide bridge. More to follow on the Bridge soon, I cannot and will not do it just in this small space in time, I will do my best to bore you later when you least expect it....
All together work as one and the data is here to read when you click big.
Back at Sky Line the Day before the little big race they built a pull up bar set just in enough time to confuse me into wondering why I would be doing Pull Ups at a mountain bike
event. As it turns out confusion was the intent for we never had to do any, even though it would not have surprised me or anyone else had we had to. Shortly after seeing the pull up bars go up I belled up Beccina who was on the other side of the field to coordinate a course pre-ride with her, Dejay, Thad, Grant, Dicky and I. Here comes Becky and she is determined to get over that rough spot. I was perched up in a sturdy little tree along the trail trying to make a picture and heckle.
She is fast.
Then later I was descending shortly in front of her through the turns and switch backs. As I turned left with her at my back from where I'm standing with tele-photo lens seconds before I heard a sound. A thud that sounded simply as if a 50lb bag of potatoes had silently fallen out of the sky and landed in the rocks slightly above me. Impossible I thought until a few more feet down the trial when I realized that Thad was off his bike helping her off the ground. Wow, how could anything fall out of the sky at the same minute without warning but 30 minutes later?
Recovery and Smiles as redemption struck from above.
Dejay is such a bad ass that he can ride technical trail with his eyes closed wide shut. Similar and parallel without being the exact same to yesterday's eyes shut but wide open Senor Birch has the ability to see without sight and fluidly ride his simple machine of 2 circles and 2 triangles down the landscape of which he has been intrinsically attached to since his birth. Amazing TAO of riding, the keen sense to simply be the bike as one with the trail. With all that considered he is also fun to ride and hang around with.


Jordy said...

hes directly behind the nerdhish dude in the red jacket with the white shirty on, just up from the pbr can, you can see the tip of his little bastard nose and his wooly wool cap. what the hell do i want with your bike parts anywho?

cornfed said...

starting at the green shirt in the front row, go backwards, green shirt, green shirt, brown shirt, then between the red and white jacketed guy and the shaved pated gray shirt guy is a little dicky.

Do you think anyone noticed our matching sweaters?

Thanks for the entertainment and adding so much to the adventure.


ben_co said...

Dicky is in the exact center of the picture, has a wool hat with sunglasses on his head. Directly behind the guy with orange jacket and yellow gloves.

cornfed said...

Cotton cap. Dicky's not cool for wool.

Billy said...

okay the contest was a great success and even tho Jordy Moe technically won regardless of the material that Dicky's cap is made of, by default THAD gets the rims and the surprise part from my personal bin of death out of the barn.
Jordy has let the winnings go to THAD as the 2nd place winner because Jordy has different priorities on his mind that include minimizing his senseless material possessions so that way his defection to Scandahoovia will be accomplished without extra things weighing him need for 26" rims in Scandahoovia for shizzle.....
congrats Thad, just let me know what you want to arrange for your prize distribution!!