Sunday, August 31, 2008

Redirected Commute by Water not Fire

Perhaps over 10 inches of rain fell between Tuesday and Wednesday Morning of this past week. On my Wednesday morning Stay Alive the commute I have come to love hate water was everywhere. Little Sugar Creek was overflowing in all directions the entire spin around the Jar starting with an open bridge at Albermarle. When I made the end of the bike lane traverse of Ave Centrole in to the dip of Dim Sum the Charlotte CMPD had the road blocked. The police man broadside in the drivers seat acted immediately defensive when I rolled straight up to him and asked if the road was closed. He let me know that there was 6 feet of water over Central and that Commonwealth may be open. How did I know without a radio what he thought he knew with one which is the reason why I came Ave Centrole to begin with thinking that it had a better chance than the low at Commonwealth and Morningside? Over Briar to Commonwealth down the hill and wide water was everywhere. Cars under water, brown murk of the aqua flow half way up the doors of certain apartments and brand new condos. Some folks looked confused with their belongings in plastic bags, I was not able to take their pictures because I had trouble with the whole dignity perceived of someone in their house shoes smoking grits on the curb looking for something from someone. I have to get over that because I have blown two photo ops in less than a few days because of my own nerves to get past something emotionally real to bring the image forward. After I made some images on CW and laughed at my friend Shannon from across the flood who was already trying to figure out why she just moved a few days ago into a flood plain, I took off for the next possible crossing into the Jar South and East at Monroe Road. Doral apartments on Monroe stopped me to take more pictures and see more folks in their house shoes sitting on curbs with their belongings in plastic bags at their feet. The firemen and women looked busy with boats, ropes and life jackets as they floated people around a hundred yards to safety from their flooded residences. The bridge at Monroe was open. The water was so high that I felt a need to carry speed across it just in case under the water line the pillars washed out from the under cutting hydraulic rage which would take the bridge and me on down storm stream water class 3 rapids.

Commonwealth just below Morningside

These guys seemed to hold on to their dignity, the only people picture I felt compelled to take.
Shannon, do you see your water logged car?

From the 180's and 220's just a few months ago, what a great investment for your shelter!

Doral off of Monroe
that little bridge will not tolerate such water power much longer....

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