Thursday, May 14, 2009

Major Urban Debris Field Revisited

In February of 08 I did this story about the Debris Fields that I encounter on my almost daily year round bike commute into the Jar.
This was one of the supporting pictures that I made at that time.
Just yesterday, a year and 3 months later I was at the same light yet again when I realized how much this particular Debris Field has grown during this country's economic recession. There may be a theoretical connection between the state of the downward spiraling economy and the quantity of matter collecting in these urban trash particle eddies.
Upon closer inspection it appears that the cat bones have been laid out to tell a story, a tragic tale indeed of love lost, then gained only to be lost again. The Debris Field is a fiery ring, bound by desire which I fall into most mornings.
This is a look over my shoulder at the very next Debris Field that I encounter on the way in. My tears are like the rain or more accurately they may reassemble the tiny little shards strewn across the intersections of this fine Nation in which we dwell just like this one.

Here in a minute I will be rolling by way of the 2 wheeled path to the Mecklenburg County Courthouse where I will be facing the truth yet again in a case that is although not related to me, it is very much connected to my existence on this spinning planet travelling around a sun which is contained in a solar system that is a small part of an outward expanding Galaxy next to perhaps millions more in the same universe spread out through space, time and a fraction of the molecules that we encounter here on this earth. I Feel Good and I knew that I would Oh Yeah....... Emotional and Inner Body Transfer, here I go again!

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