Friday, May 1, 2009

Jesus on a Jersey

Talk about funny pictures, check this one out I made the other day in front of the Bank of Toon America Corporate Center as the share holders were gathering for their annual meeting. Rich and Andreas 'Boom Boom' Raab who is recently back from his South American mountain training transfer looking resplendent indeed in his newly internationally acquired blue Jesus kit not yet available through your local distributor. Andreas is all smiles pondering memories of many hours in the saddle over the beautiful grand mountains of the Andena land. Dicky meanwhile is looking to see if Jesus is on the back of Andreas' jersey as well.
With the understanding of life as he had it Jesus must have known while he was on the cross that resurrection was essential so that one day more than 2000 years later he could be sub laminated(not to be confused with sublimation) onto the sweetest jersey ever made which would wind up being worn over the heart of such a strong rider and all around great lad like Andreas.
Of course you're smiling, you have died, gone to heaven and now you get to go on great rides with the wind in your face and the sun on your shoulder.

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dwight yoakam said...

a.raab is one tall motha. we went to school together in raleigh . . . i've seen him off and on a few times since. please tell him brandon says hello.

and nice shot of 'Hoffen Herb'. word on the street is that he's been secret training . . . i'm not sure if it's been for riding or drinking. either way, he's a winner.