Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More from the Uptoon

During these hard economic times people are reaching deep to sell what they have that has some sort of perceived value in trade of In God We Trust Units. In this fellow's case it's his golden cannon with white wheels just like Team Dicky has, apparently this guy is trying to steal some one's thunder. My little buddy is such a trend setter, an east coast fashion plate for sure. Anyhoo, even though I do not have the same compulsion I hear it all the time, "I wish I had something worth value to sell." As I matter of fact I recently saw on the cover of a USAToonday that I did not buy that the recession is over. Someone should tell the de facto Cannon Salesman above that his artillery piece will have more faith based value if he just holds on to it a little longer. 4 MORE YARDS! In the mean time I am compelled to call the number and share my interest in making my first cannon purchase. Of course before I pay the price I am going to have to test fire the crew served weapon at least once to be sure it can accurately deploy a lead ball down range. I could drive it out to the country and commence with a real life gun drill to see how fast I can aim, load and fire the gun. When I know that it fires without malfunction I will then make an acceptable cash offer. If the seller agrees we will have a deal that would stand up in court and I will be the owner of a golden cannon. I will take it home and mount it on a round turret on my roof where the Dooleyville towns folk will see the golden barrel daily. Once a year on my birthday I will fire it towards the north with a real charge minus the projectile. Boom! Then when I die I will request cremation and to have someone pack me into the cannon's barrel in front of the charge and fire my remains off the top of a mountain towards the sun. Exit with a bang. I wonder how much he wants for it.

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brado1 said...

Man, I've always wanted a Cannon! i could use the crack house down the street for target practice! Sweet