Thursday, September 3, 2009

CMA Approved-Charlotte Bike Commuter of the Month

Meet Pam and her Townie. No traffic delays for this local bike lover, she is about to thread the needle.
Seems like for around about a year now I have noticed this bicycle regularly locked in front of the Bank of(in literal sense) America Corporate Center. Every once in awhile I would catch a glimpse of this decked out Townie's owner disappearing into the building but never coming back out. Just the other day she was leaving work a bit early and stepped forward out of anonymity to the CMA bench extending Charlotte's latest Bike Suitability Map as if it were an Olive Branch. I learned that Pam has been riding her bike around Charlotte now for about 3 years and that she commutes in from 3 miles out roughly 3 days a week. That sounds like a bike related hat trick and/or triple crown to me. I was rolling out for an ASAP'er at the same time and asked if I could ride with her for a few blocks. Pam told me that she loves riding her bicycle because it means being outside in the air and staying physical. She also mentioned that she encourages her kids to ride to school by setting the example and riding along side of them. I took a few pictures on the roll for prosperity and then had to split off left while she stayed straight. The last thing I remember seeing was a very confident, healthy and happy human headed home after a day at the office. Ride on Pam!

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