Friday, July 30, 2010

Commute By Bike Headache

A few Stay Alives ago near the end of the Albemarlean Travers something jumped out and grabbed my wheel from under a shrub on the right as I sped along the sidewalk. A loud bang, friction drag and within another few seconds really bad noises yelled out accompanied by the locking of my rear wheel without my control. I dismounted and looked down for the source of my delay and immediately noticed the thick wire that had snagged a spoke and then wrapped itself around the drive side of my hub in that little space between the cog and the spokes. It looked bad right away and I actually expected to find who knows how many broken spokes. Thanks to the strength of my 7+ year old Mike Perry Built Wheel, not one was damaged.
I then went to work trying to get the wire out of the place it had become lodged.
The operation became a semi-pain in the ass even after I took the wheel out. The thick wire was wrapped tightly multiple times and I did not have my wire tools on board.

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