Friday, July 9, 2010

Weird Green Bug/3 German Shepherd Puppies Friday

Check out this 'Green' Insect looking too clever against my skin. It has sustainability down pat and is trying to start a renewable bug club here in town. Seriously although not so much, this strange little flying creature landed on my arm last night while I was trying to take some shots of the new Foster Puppies.
For the past few months and through the time that Max died we had slowed down greatly on the amount of fosters that we were taking in. Timing was not so good but we did manage to care for a few wayward kittens and a couple sets of puppy pairs. Now it looks like we may have our hands full, for the next few weeks anyway.

These are some special kids that I picked up late yesterday afternoon from the Humane Society of Charlotte. Meet Greta, Gretchen, and Gudrun(from left to right) who were pulled from a criminal breeder in Gaston County by Animal Con troll. Just before they were to be sentenced to death a beautiful rep from the HSC here stepped up and put them in the Charlotte solution. We will be working with these pups for around about 14 days and then they will go back for adoption to a safe home.
Blurry photos indeed! Before they leave two weeks from now I will hopefully have some better portraits of them. In one year if you had these three sisters you could have the peasants brought to their knees with a simple voice command and/or hand signal. Nothing says crowd control like three adult sibling dark eyed German Shepherds!
Ride on folks, ride on.....