Monday, July 26, 2010

A Bore Shun

Wednesday on the Jar's Square at Midday, notice the preacher man's hand signal for 'push'.
I am not sure where to begin, maybe there is no place to start. Early last week while going about my two wheeled business Uptoon in the Jar I noticed a rally call that blew my mind all over again. On the square I saw a group of several dozen men and a few woman in a peaceful anti-abortion protest disguised as hate. They all wore simple attire and similar over the top to be worn on public day only Christian themed T-Shirts made in nowhere. The shirts advertising had words like; Christ and Hate on the same sleeve or back of those demonstrating their personal persistence to own something, anything even if it is right to fill one's own ego by choosing to stand on such an authoritarian reproach. They scared me that day just like they had the first time a few years ago with their amplified anger and random speak of biblical reference. As if Christ himself would be happy to see his toon likeness doodled onto the sleeved backs of such diverse ignorance.

I do not have an opinion, this is not an argument or debate, I merely observe and look right at what I am riding towards. This Group whose organizational name has made such a lack of impression on me that I cannot recall has been back every year since. Unlike these gatherings past, this year's event ran all week with a crowd that seemed to ebb into an almost critical mass on Thursday in between 1100hrs and 1500hrs. It is always the same thing with a splash of a few new banners(the old to be thrown away under the earth's surface somewhere as Jordan noted in the comment line of the original post in 08) to stand under and scream about the Love of God in front of. The last time I shared this spectacular display of good Christian Faith with you was this post that I ran in January of 2008. Notice the similarities and the subtle differences in the projection of the human spirit in search of something to believe, therefor be. It is interesting to me to look at both photo documents that are just over two years apart in comparison and contrast.

The only day that I felt enough calling to document the proceedings on the Square was on Wednesday, even though a larger crowd formed midday on Thursday. As scary as the below pictures are, imagine that the very next day on the opposite side of the street in front of the Big Disc that few people realize can be spun with enough humans in force, a crowd of several hundred followers had formed in front of the stage to listen and share thoughts in unison. Our Now. That fervor lasted for a few hours before it melted away seeking shelter from the heat. I am happy to report that this show packed up on Friday afternoon and may not show up again for months.

Sorry to creep you out first thing on a Monday with the following pictorial, it has to be done.
Hand out not always reciprocated.
As a matter of fact I did not see many take the 'free' paper.

This little fella has been around for awhile. He looks good, right?
Go on preacher man...
Go on.
I spied something on this table that I felt would motivate the likes of The Ghost of Jerry Reed,
this one's for you you pal.



MM said...

like Eddie Vedder said...

"When I get a uterus, I'll get an opinion."

jeff said...

Bravo Bill, insightful as usual. Nice pix 2. J

Justin Ruckman said...

Love the last picture!

Lunch, the great equalizer.

Billy Fehr said...

MM, I totally agree with you and Vedder, I cannot take a stand on something my gender would not allow.

Jeff, Thanks, I mean it.

Justin, I read your work too, good to see you here at The Traffic Stop.