Friday, July 30, 2010


This is the only header Image you have ever seen that was not taken by me, as well it is the scariest. SS rider Dejay Birtch, photog unidentified. *This post has been completely corrected by the Fast Marsupial. New rule, no blogging after more than two beers.


cornfed said...

"was not been taken by me." - Also the scariest.


wv: jerkInTN

Billy Fehr said...

Okay...I just got done staring at that sentence after your friendly winked reminder for 7 minutes before I realized that I had two on my mind. "was not taken by me" or "has not been taken by me"/ Neither was supposed to be, "was not been take by me". Second sentence is the way I wanted it to read in this three sentence(now chopped to two) blog that I couldn't even clean without a tap from the great state of TN. Oh wait, now I have to change the second sentence as well(NOT ALSO) because I see now exactly what you are saying that I was trying to convey. AWESOME Thanks Thad.