Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday Clouds Under Clouds(Back to Basics)

Yesterday afternoon I was rolling in from the South End is Near headed for the big buildings when a drop of rain fell into one of the vents on my helmet and trickled down through my hair onto my skull. I looked over my shoulder and at my back saw a huge black cloud stacking as it moved towards me. Yeah, yeah I know another cloud and blah, blah, blah. However, fortunately for me it goes way beyond any mundane perspective of our atmospheric conditions constantly changing and never the exact same floating above my head. Constantly changing and never the exact same, like human emotions, the one thing that we all really own but rarely take stock of.

The following group of cloud images was made by me yesterday afternoon starting shortly after 3pm. I used the little/big Sony and truly wished that I had packed the Nikon and Botzie's old(1972-1973) 300mm lens Monday morning instead.

Corner of South Tryon and Stonewall looking southwest.
The following three images were made from the ground in the center of Tryon(when the light at Stonewall was Red) parallel to my position above.
Present header replacing Table Rock NC.
Notice the high Cirrus perhaps more than 20,000ft above the massive low cloud. They are both clouds but very much disconnected.
At the same corner to the right is the new Duke Non-Renewable Energy Building that I have Top Secret Clearance and access to. The building is 240m(786ft) tall and has good high windows on each floor. I locked my bike and ran inside to catch an elevator for a southwest facing window 120m up. This is what I saw from that vantage.
The next three shots are closer inspections of the dramatic presence of such a cloud mass.
Look into it and all across for some discovery of scale.
The burbles and risers appear like a landscape bigger than I can imagine. If this cloud was solid, I imagine that it would be fun to be up there on foot exploring all of the nooks and crannies of its articulate design.

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Doug said...

Nice images Billy! I need to forward one that the psuedo NSA / CIA person took from her office yesterday!