Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creepy Mail Delivered


As you may or may not remember, last January one of my morning mail runs revealed that Victoria is not so secret after all. Since that day I have been looking down into that tub on my bars each morning in search of a clue, a ray of light that would lead me to unlock the mysterious secrets of this ever expanding Universe.

The other morning before I even had the chance to look down I felt little beady eyes scoping me out from within the confines of the US Mail Tub. When I looked down rolling I screamed like a six year old, swerved the bike into and out of the gutter then pulled myself together.
Gadzooks! Are you seeing this?

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TheMutt said...

Yeah, that is definitely creepy. If I saw that while I was riding, I probably would have crashed. The little fashion-oriented voodoo hiker doll would have laughed too.

WV: warldedi