Monday, December 10, 2007

It was by a hair,

(this is Danger) (V and her Ratweillers)
a Danger hair at that. I spoke to "Lyle" the tech support guy from Dell who was talking to me from the Philippines the other night and he helped me figure out what was wrong with the power to my machine. For a few days the battery was acting very dead and then all of a sudden the machine was not even powering with a jump from the external adapter. After doing some initial diagnostic and system checks Lyle had me remove the battery from the compartment on the underside of the machine. There across the contacts inside the machine was a yellow quill like Danger hair which I blew away. When I put the battery back in and rebooted the system was working back to normal, no problem at all.

This weekend was something. Saturday morning we had a family field trip to and tour of the top of the tallest building in town. Shortly after that was some fun local trail riding with Clint, Eric, Dicky, Tim(around the second one) and Ballsberry. It was like the ole pack back together from way back. Like the reuniting of the Eagles or something without Hotel California.

Yesterday I did 6hrs photo work for three clients who were looking to have a document of their domesticated K-9 friends. It is fun working with dogs photographically because they are each so different. Above is V and her RatWeillers, she is using this image not only for prosperity but as her Christmas card to friends and relatives. It seemed like a long day yesterday but it was good to keep in practice and see happiness in the animal kingdom.


The Big Bad Banker said...

Seeing all these pictures of people and their animals almost makes me feel sad for them. Women need men.

Billy Fehr said...

Yea Jimmy but then the women would tell you that men talk, dogs do not.

Billy Fehr said...
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