Friday, December 14, 2007

My lock is broken

Yesterday my lock started acting funny, like there was a delay in the physical unlocking of the mechanism. By the afternoon I was using a little jiggling technique that seemed to work well enough to get through the day. Last night I took the lock out to my barn for a little cleaning and lubrication. The problem only got worse and within a half hour I had rendered this 3 year old piece of equipment useless. Even with brand new keys there was no opening it. Seeing I would not be able to get to until sometime later in the work day I decided to put the road wheel with quick release onto the fixy and pull the wheel every time I go into a building. This sounds so half assed and rookie at the same time. I should have a back up but I let my kid play with it 2 years ago and she has no clue where it wound up. If you see my Lemond without a wheel and locked to nothing today please don't steal it.

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