Friday, December 28, 2007

Tony walking it Uptown on the square

Yesterday in Uptown Charlotte I met this local BMX'er named Tony from the Hidden Valley neighborhood of the Queen City that knows how to 'walk it' down Tyrone St. He pulled it up on the square going north and held it for a bit longer than half of the block, which to me seems like something seeing his wheels are so small. I asked him if he would do it again for me so that I may film his skill and post it, he obliged. After the above shot was made Tony came around to see a preview when 2 of CMPD's finest came over and gave him a light ball bustin for as they put it "doing wheelies" on the square. I immediately told these officers of law that I was the one who encouraged him to show off his talent for the camera and fortunately the situation was defused and neither one of us got tazed. Imagine that, a wheelie on Tryone is a problem but being a moron is not. I love being a moron, it is legal.

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