Monday, December 3, 2007

Run Club me like a baby seal

This is Mary, my run club training partner.

That's right Rich has come up with another one of his brilliant ideas to exchange some time for some pain in a pastoral mountainous backdrop. This time it is run club, scheduled for Feb 3, 08 at Crowders Mountain/Kings Pinnacle trail in Gaston County. I knew about the brainstorm for a week and decided I would retest the running waters like I do from time to time with some local trail riding and running. The riding part is fun, fast and causes no unusual feelings of pain or discomfort. The running part though was something. On Saturday morning before a ride at Beaty I ran for 42minutes through the trails, the last 7 minutes I could hardly see in the morning sun because my eyes felt like they were on fire from sweat. When the run was over I took off with some friends on the biking part, woo-hoo! Saturday afternoon I felt the first twinges of outside pain on my thighs and lower back. On Sunday morning just as I was trying to figure out how my day would go he called and said there was a hastily put together ride at Poplarnam, I mean tent. I finished the Stan's installation on my new/old Hadley rear, adjusted chain and out the door with the running shoes in the bag. Once again the riding part was fun, I rode alone with the course, against the course until I found Dicky on fixy again and Vinnie and his friends in tow. After the riding part I put my bike in the car, put on my run shoes and Mary and I took off for what was supposed to be an 18 minute recovery run from the day before. Instead it wound up being 16 out, break for 5 then run back which was more than I thought I wanted to do. It does hurt making the transition from no run to run, I hope I have what it takes to stay with it for the Run Club event.

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