Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oberwiesenthal fini...

I love this photo of me crossing the finish line of the 2007 Trans Germany. It was taken by someone in Mr. Rohloff's band of merry men and/or women, if I knew whom specifically I would give the credit. At this minute in time I was thinking I've got your text book cyclo cross dismount inward style. Okay, maybe that was the first thought but then all of a sudden a joy took over and stuff started falling out of my jersey pockets. We had just came off of the biggest mountain of the 8 day course in the biggest race I have ever participated in and the feeling was relief and happiness that caused me to yell, "Where's the beer?" Two crew members were bowing at Becky's feet doing the Wayne and Garth thing, "We're not worthy, we're not worthy..." There were smiles and pats on the backs from Euro strangers yelling positive things that I did not understand. Finally, Bernd appeared and ushered me into the beer tent to thank me with a Heffe for talking to him and helping his wife on stage 6. The next thing I knew I was dismantling and rebuilding Albi's Rotor to his satisfaction and saying so long to those who had to leave the German/Czeck border town immediately. After diner, that's right diner the final party started that would be in my mind the craziest post race fiasco I have ever witnessed. All the winners, mid packers and sweepers were there acting as one happy dancing unit until 0405hrs. There was a knot on the head of a pro and mass fall downs of racer type humans who had let themselves relax for the first time in awhile. My exodus out of there happened when I was told to get in the trunk of the Shimano support car, thanks Lars. The sun came up within an hour of getting to my guest room and the green hills of Czechoslovakia looked clear and closer than you could ever imagine.

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