Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tab, mas fotografias JOKKMOKK

Yes, there was a sign along the road. Then there was this info that I never knew.

Chundery double track, photoJM
Fresh out of the Lulla Sulla Lava, I don't eat fish, ever.

Me down by the river. Photo(lady who caught the fish)

Swedish sky, high up on the globe.

That's right young Abe, that is a White paper Bark Birch.

Abe crossing the weir, click to see scale.

Abe at the end of the double tracks, click for scale.

They were everywhere~

Early morning life.

1 comment:

The Big Bad Banker said...

Great photos save the one with the nasty ol' lady nearly popping out of her top. Can you say ewww?