Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Ghost of Jerry Reed, this is for you pal!

A closer look at the QC dummy. Rookie Friday went great yesterday. Seeing I let my lock stop functioning and had worked myself into no back up I went ahead with the movie approved plan to take the wheel off on each trip into the building, which I never remember doing before, okay maybe once as a rookie. What a joy was the day where I gave those random souls in the elevator yet another excuse to ask me questions. So, that looks like an expensive wheel, is it? What, afraid someone is gonna steal your bike? Do you take your wheel off normally, I never have seen you with it before? Where is the rest of your bike(hahahha)? Is that wheel heavy? My favorite of the day came giggling at me on my last job in the early afternoon while I was in the extra small elevator of 212 South Tyrone(that's right Tyrone). Myself and two successful young professional females smiling big and the taller one with the 32oz Styrofoam drink cup could not resist. She cheerily said, "Nice yellow tire. What happens if you come out and the rest of your bike is gone, can you just ride the wheel?" Whoa, her wit exceeded her height.


The Big Bad Banker said...

You could be the first messenger to ride a unicycle :-)

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Baha, whats up with elevator chat? The ride only lasts a few seconds. I could see her making a tire comment if you two were sharing a sleeper car on an overnighter, but for an elevator, everybody just needs to stare straight ahead and think about clouds... Thanks for the dummy close-up, I'll sleep easy tonight!

Billy Fehr said...

Ha, the building is really old, one of the oldest in town still standing and not covered with the chincy Faux texture which means the elevator is slow, real slow to get to 100ft off the ground. As a matter of semi fact I even wonder if it is a hydrolic old school Otis system that causes it to be such a clunker. I'm tellin ya, that really happened. Coup de Gras is she spoke first and commenced the stone bustin.