Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Change is like a turn in direction, it can only be bad if you miss the turn

More images of the truck. Here is the cab which blew me away with it's overwhelming simplicity.I've been told that the engine can be correctly identified as an in line 6 cylinder motor.

I cannot change the world but I can change the world in me so I rejoice. By doing so these folks have somehow found themselves accomplishing all three in no particular order with this amazing knowledge and sight into the future forward. In April of 2007 Collin asked me to notarize the title on a 1985 diesel school bus he was buying with the intention to convert it to vegetable oil burning and then ride it half way across this fine nation in which we dwell. I obliged and so did he because a few short months later he not only carried out the mission by driving from Austin Texas to Kentucky, to Pennsylvania, to NYC(on Independence Day), to Burlington Vermont but he did it on 5 In God We Trust Units or in other words 5 US American dollars of diesel fuel. The trip was basically broken down to every 800 miles he and his crew would exchange 2 man hours to draw the free viscous liquid into the tanks on the bus. So, the fuel was basically free in exchange for a small amount of labor and the carbon emission is less than half of the former ex diesel only motor.

Fast forward to the now and see what a little collective intelligence can come up with for a contribution to a solution. Collin just helped purchase a 1971 M-35 A2 Deuce and a Half which is presently undergoing a veggie burning conversion with the the help of Forrest, Topher(not the ubiquitous SS mountain cyclist, there is another one) and Paul who drove up to the QC from New Orleans the other day. I had the chance to ride by their South End street side garage yesterday and learn a little something. When this truck is converted in the next couple of days it will be driven down to New Orleans to be loaded on a ship and then sail for Costa Rica. It's final destination is the Osa Peninsula to be the work horse for a major project. Paul, not the one I met today but a Tico who is friends with Collin has some hectares on the peninsula and is presently working the government permitting paper game with officials in Mata Paulo to construct a globally unique self sustainable education facility. They are so smart that they will even be harnessing power from the breakdown of their sewage water which will re enter the environment without harm. The idea is that people will be able to travel from around the world for an educational life experience of this facility on the Osa in exchange for some Colons which will go back into the business end of things. In just over a year from now the truck will be working on the yard moving recycled construction supplies around for the build.

I admire the truth in what these folks are up to because from the truth stems good it seems in all cases. I mean the uncertainty of the future forward is going to be dealt with well by humans like these who will be able to pass on to others the knowledge that change is within their own self against the bigger world which will cause them to rejoice.

Here is the M-35 A2

Collin showing us the fabricated tank bracket and where it will mount

Forrest inspecting the wiring harness that will be used to power the needed fuel pumps

I dunno, the locking hubs looked interesting

Up under the M-35 A2

Lines presently carrying diesel fuel

Forrest up under the truck getting involved The black star


Billy said...

Come on people, is anyone reading this?

Jordy said...

Roger that, billy-o! people must be skimming along not thinking still... think people think! youre all FREE to think! I hung out with the crew yesterday and learned a lot myself about how this system works... and works it does, A-holes! get it? a car that runs on non-child-killing-made-your-honeybun-ass-fat-waste. its amazing. im talking to all the people who must have read this. are you out there?