Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Major Urban Debris Field(DF)

I stopped in the awkward traffic light asphalt three lane eddy the other day to take the above images of the Lawyers Rd Debris Field. Early every morning on my East Side Stay Alive bike commute into town I pass through this ever growing and possibly never decreasing Debris Field. Over the years I have observed this urban phenomona related to the dead space of an intersection that allows for the collection of trash like lug nuts, little shards of glass, reflective bits from car grills, smashed cell phones, flattened soda cans, baby diapers and the occasional tumble weave(that's right fake human hair extensions). This area of dead space or as I like to refer to it traffic light eddy area is created because cars go through the wider than necessary intersection in their lanes and never really veer into this space, giving haven for any bits of matter. Over time rains, winds and the wakes of the auto viper continually add matter to this little vortex of debris that never seems to go away. Navigating the Debris Fields on a bicycle can be a little mentally challenging because when it is green you have to sometimes take a line that puts you either in or just in the DF which is loaded with many flat inducing items. When I ride through the DF because I'm forced to stay alive through the intersection I fantasize that I'm Han Solo flying the Millenium Falcon though that cool asteroid belt at MACH 6. Look out for that random shoe, stay clear of the broken shwag beer bottle out the other side and alive, not flat. As time goes by I realize that these local Debris Fields are ony getting bigger and contain trash that I have seen perhaps years ago whence I first took notice of this anomaly.

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

With all this talk of debris fields, one thing comes to mind: SCRAPBOOK! I fell your pain. People break bottles in the bike lane on purpose just to jazz up my commute. God bless 'em