Thursday, February 28, 2008

Charlotte Uptown Development Report

Yesterday I went on assignment to document the status of the new 101 block of N College in the Queen City's Uptown. I started by taking pictures from a top secret location 400 feet up in the 214 N Tryon Hearst Tower which gave me the bird's eye view. Then I went to the ground and made some images from College and 5th. While I was walking along College I talked to a surveyor who told me that the Ritz Carlton was going up to the right and a new 37 story Bank of America Tower would be taking up the center. This fellow also told me that they are still digging into the bedrock to reach an anchoring point even though we have been hearing the explosions for months.
BOA Corp Center, running the N College project
The roof of the adjacent parking garage being used as a staging area
From up high this machine was interesting, at one end it is eating the concrete at the other end it is spitting out dust
Into the future basement of the BOA Tower
A bit wider of an angle
Here are the air conditioning units for the BOA Corp Center in their temporary location, moved to this spot because they were in the way of the dig
Shards of bedrock
Being dumped
Then taken away
She needs to put her helmet on


arobotar said...

oohhhhh what camera/lens are you using?

Billy said...

Sony 8.2MP DSC-H7
with a Carl Zeiss 15x lense

Jimmy said...

Hey Billy,

I'd love to get some of these birds' eye views you are getting. How can I get them? If possible, I'd like to give my fiance a view of the city she's never seen before on some Saturday.


Billy said...

I have some ideas and depending on the capacity of your camera and mind that I bet will work out well for you. Instead of going into perhaps pages of detail here I will talk with you when I drop the next mail.