Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Follow up to the "Entrapment Incident"

Okay as you already know last week myself and 4 others took an eventful elevator ride up then down to the basement of the One Wachovia Center where we remained not lamenting our situation for 10 minutes or 600 seconds. Two days later on Friday I was contacted on the tele by Phil Maxon representing building management who let me know that he was doing some follow up on the entrapment incident that I was involved in. He gave me a standard run of corporate induced questions making sure to sense out whether or not I planned future civil action against the ever present property. He was satisfied with my answers and ended the conversation by letting me know that his boss the property manager had something for me that they would like to know where to deliver. I told him that they could just leave it at the service center for the firm that they tracked me down to and I would pick it up when I was there. Later that day the center called me to let me know that an enevelope with my name on it has come from Childress Klien. I could not stand the anticipation so I raced over there to see what type of release and covenant they were about to have me sign. When I opened and read the letter I seriously laughed so hard I scared the folks in the quiet service center. A car wash, wow, nothing says sorry for the entrapment like a car wash. Now the only problem is what to do with it. Should I just roll in on the Fillmore and tell them I got an extra 5 if they hit the wheels real nice or do I drive in in my 1991 Montero that has been collecting the hair of many dogs ever since.


Sean said...

That is AWESOME! My mother always told me that nothing says sorry like a car wash.

Andrew said...

Imagine if someone was actually traumatized by something like this and their apologetic gesture came with an expiration date. Ohh wait, yours did!