Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Justice will prevail

My friend Abdu is an Egyptian immigrant, now American citizen here in the USA who earns his living driving cab 806(cabbies go by the number) for Prestige. Last Tuesday a week ago yesterday shortly after 0900hrs he was first in line at the cab stand on Tryon as I locked up. At the same time his first airport customer walked up with some luggage, Abdu got out of his cab van and helped his client in with the bags. Abdu went back around to the drivers side and went to get back into his van when all of a sudden a very fast moving faux trolley(which cost tax payers 475,000$ per) entered hi lane. Abdu was already in the drivers seat but his door was only about 45 degrees shut when the enormous trolley autos front side made contact with the open edge of Abdu's drivers side door that he was hastily trying to close in a hurry. Boom, a loud crunching noise, the trolley kept going another quarter block before it actually stopped. Abdu was a little shocked by what had happened but he was physically okay.

His car on the other hand as you can see was damaged to the point of not being able to be driven. Preliminary inspection showed that the door was totalled as were door hinge parts on the frame of the car which were crumpled, there was also damage to the front quarter panel. Abdu lost his first 25$ because his fair had to move back to a functioning cab to get to him to the airport. The police showed up first and I recognized the female officer from something amazing that happened in 2001. A few minutes later an official CATS(Charlotte Area Transit System) SUV showed up to do their report and take pictures. The good news for Abdu was that I had already made 20 images of the seen which I will give him today.

The female bus driver was almost mad at Abdu, she was saying that his door was open and that her hitting it was his fault. Contrary to her defensive induced thoughts Abdu's open door had nothing to do with the accident, her speeding, clearly entering his lane and not yielding his right away did. 8 days later Abdu is worried about how the city is going to handle this situation because to date he has not been able to get a report or a clear answer from the city about their responsibility to him and how he earns his livity. Besides the damage to his paid for cab he has accrued extra costs of 50 dollars a day to rent cab 829 so he can try to keep some cash coming in. I feel like the city will take car of his situation, that it is just a matter of time.
The Gold Rush that hit his car

The door would not shut all the way
Bad boys, Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?
Abdu next to his car with the door completely open and completely in his own lane
Official not so official repsonse


Jordy said...

Think you can get Childress/Klein to at least get that car washed for Abdu?

Jimmy said...

Maybe you can Abdu your free car wash at One Wachovia.