Thursday, February 7, 2008

Charlotte is going Bum friendly

Seeing that going Bicycle friendly in a town that rewards people for being entrapped in an elevator with a free carwash has not been going so well Charlotte Planning has decided to shift the focus to aid the plight of the modern day homeless. Here we can clearly see that what used to be a bicycle lock up has been easily converted into a bum stuff rack. It only makes sense that all bicycle improvement infrastructure should be turned over to the needs of the homeless as soon as possible. The first reason is that there are thousands more homeless in the QC than there are people dedicated to utilizing a bicycle as their day to day transportation. Secondly as each 24hour time period ends there are actually more cars on the widening streets making it more scary and less friendly to the bicycle riders anyway. We as a community should salvage our dignity, give up on a futile attempt to creat a bicycle friendy east coast utopia and just get on with helping those actually in need to have safe places to leave their meager belongings. Charlotte is bum friendly, more friendly than it is bicycle so with that said talk to a bum today and you will be suprised at what they will have to say~

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