Tuesday, February 26, 2008


You have the right to a spam free blog
of course if you don't mind a little
customization and moderation...
you have the right to not be hacked
by some global urban wack

A few friends and family have been telling me that me bloggy was not allowing them to post any smart ass comments at all. Then the other day I was hit with some spy ware links that made me realize that if the modern urban hacker can, why then not my friends? I went behind the scenes of me bloggy and found some custom settings that were easy to change making it less likely that the spam will get through and more likely anyone who wants to leave a real message can. You may now leave a message.

Eric made this picture of me coming down the stairs on lower Farlow, look long and hard because you will prolly never see me in front of Capt Jason Morgan again, unless it is of course in line for the keg. Earlier in the ride I watched him pass The Wonderboy(who had car problems yesterday) with such authority that his rear much prettier than Dicky's I9 unearthed a rock. The cantaloupe sized chuncklet flew in the air towards the Wonder Boy's Zion, he swerved but it locked on to the heat of his rig and smashed into the down tube. Rocks hitting down tubes while descending is an uplifting sound with laughter to follow.

Important follow ups to the weekend:

Rich rode the ride on his 29 Thylacine SS at 32 x 17 fixed gear. I cannot stop thinking about the tolerance he has mastered to be able to climb that gear on that mountain. I saw writing on a board in Stockholm once that read Team Dicky is Bonafide, that's a good word for it, what he is I mean.

Erinna Wever did not make the ride with us because she was competing in a 40 mile, that's right 40 mile trail/road foot run from down low in Montreat to the top of Mt Mitchell(highest point east of the Mississippi at 6,684ft above seal level) and back. I think I am more confused by her efforts of the day than Rich's. Both make no sense at all. Congrats to Erinna, she came in 5th!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I can comment now! Thanks for coming up this weekend.

Billy said...

Roger and thank you for having us!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Farlow looks fun (as usual)...