Friday, February 15, 2008

Object from the heavens

The night before last, let's say Valentine Eve I was talking to my dad on the phone staring out my front window at the downpour tempest that was accompanied by green gray skies, lots of wind and lightening. All of a sudden an object fell from above straight down and slammed into the ground less than 10 feet from my mailbox on the grass near the edge of the road. It was hard to see exactly what it was through the rain smeared window but something was definitely out there so with the phone cradled in my shoulder I reached up to slide the window open to get a better look. When I did a piece of wood matter fell off of my left sleeve(I had just got done carrying in an arm load of fire wood), landed in my eye and immediately hurt an eye that has had some serious injuries in the past(long story). I wound up excusing myself from the conversation so I could commence to flushing my eye which after about 15 minutes I was able to get the debris out and my eye to stop with the sharp pain. After that settled down it was on to the evening and I had forgotten about the strange gift from the moving skies that I saw hit the ground until the next morning yesterday when I rode out on my commute. As I turned out of my driveway there it was, a Frisbee sized pile of frozen snow that was 4 inches high in spots. I stopped the bike , laid it down in my yard and then touched the snow turd that had fallen from I dunno somewhere up high. It was cold and granulated, compact and articulate like a little glacier formation. When it hit it splatted a smaller little turd a few feet away that was less in mass, it too was defined and reminded me of glacier snow/ice. I took out the camera and got side tracked for more than a few minutes to make the pictures I'm now sharing. This story is true.


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Jimmy said...

Like a homerun hit by the visiting team at Wrigley field, you should've picked up the snow turd and thrown it back!!!