Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Langstadt Criterium

The above vignette of me racing Jan Ulrich's distant nephew in the town square of Langstadt Germany was shot the night before Becky and I flew home after the TG. As you can see the entire town showed up for the bike race. Most of them thought it was funny that the American who just finished riding across their fine country could not keep up with the kid around the plaza as they watched me almost smack the rear end of the parked auto. It was not really like a race, it was more like a game of tag which I could not win no matter how hard I tried. The laughter is contagious at times like these with bikes on the cobbles in a small town theater. Thanks for the film RT, it is the funniest one I have seen from our transfer and experience across Germany. Oh wait I have not shown that one from the back seat of the Audi doing 225kmh/hr with a hangover on the autobahn yet.

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